Tarpaulins for industry

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Modern industry needs high-quality tarpaulins that achieve more than just coverage. Let’s define the required specifications of your new industry tarpaulin together. Whether it’s natural fibre or PVC-coated fabric, different density and numerous specifications: We are experienced to know the true needs of the industry!

Tarpaulins as modern solutions

Our industry customers come from different, producing branches and the specific demands differ enormously. Whether its for sound isolation or a flexible barrier, even for a total different untility: Tell us about the unique specification of your required industry tarpaulin and we send to you a high quality unicate.

  • The industry demands high-quality solutions
  • Individualism is essential
  • Organic fibre, PVC or different fabric: The range is tremendous

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As a company with long tradition we feel personally responsible for every client order. For a detailed guidance concerning our various products, your order, special made products or our price conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.